PPT To Flash Studio is a robust tool designed to convert and enhance your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into Flash. It provides you with the most accurate conversion result without any compromises to quality.

PPT To Flash Studio provides you with a large variety of different conversion results, some of them are:PPT To Flash Studio
– Executable file and autorun CD/DVD
– AVI movie which you can import into any video editing software
– SCORM/AICC content compatible for LSM
– Streaming Flash SFW and HTML ready for online viewing
– DVD movie (PPT Flash Studio comes with a DVD menu editor which you can use to design a DVD menu)

One of the options which set PPT to Flash Studio apart from other similar programs is the Voice Synchronization option. With this program, it is easy to synchronize the presenter’s voice with the slides and animations – this will greatly improve the viewing experience. The voice narration can be played across multiple slides, and it is guaranteed to synchronize with the rest of your content.

If you are using PowerPoint 2007 and newer ones, you will be glad to know that PPT To Flash Studio can convert files with a PPTX extension as well as the ones with the PPT extension.

If your presentation utilizes some of the features of PowerPoint 2007 like SmartArt and WordArt, you will be glad to know that all of those features can be converted into Flash without any hiccups.

PPT To Flash Studio supports TrueType fonts – this means that you can use any font to make your presentation stand out.

PPT To Flash Studio is a rigid tool which provides you with all of the necessary tools to help you produce high-quality output with very accurate conversion results. The interface is intuitive, which means that you don’t need any multimedia or programming skills to become a master. You will be ready to use it as soon as you install it!

With PPT To Flash Studio installed your presentations, surveys, interactive quizzes, and a lot more will not only look more pleasing to the eye but will also look more professional.

This awesome program produces high-quality output, yet it retains the small file size. This program not only supports all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, but it can also be integrated in PowerPoint 2007.

You are free to try out the trial version, and you will be glad to know that all of the features of PPT To Flash Studio are available to you from the start.