What Would The CIA Say About Your Antivirus?

Since the leak of the latest WikiLeaks data, there have been many controversies about our digital safety. Apparently, we are not safe from being listened to and observed, but what about some traditional methods of defending ourselves from hackers and IT attacks, such as antiviruses? Read more aboutwhat the CIA has to say about antiviruses which are used to guarantee our safety online.


As for the Finnish company which has millions of customers, it was described by the CIA as a “lower-tier product that causes us minimal difficulty”. Ouch, that must have been a blow for the Chief Research Officer MikkoHypponen, who confirmed that he was not surprised that CIA’s hackers seemed to bypass F-Secure’s security measures.


He even said that the document stated that CIA could potentially bypass their product, but the answer to whether it is possible is definitely always yes, and if it is not possible at the moment they will just invest more money and make it possible. Seems like he has a point there.


Another giant in the world of antiviruses, Kaspersky, is also said to be easy to bypass for the CIA’s experts. This is definitely the biggest firm worldwide and the flaws mentioned in the leaked documents are said to be already fixed, but does that make 400 million users safe?

Or is it just an endless struggle of resources just like Mr. Hypponen mentioned?


Another giant company that offers antivirus protection is AVG. CIA’s leaked documents revealed that AVG seemed to provide somewhat of a challenge for the CIA experts, but ultimately they have managed to discover a vulnerability called Process Hollowing.


Named after the world’s largest lizard, Comodo software film seemed to be the only one which proved to be a challenge for the CIA. Namely, the CIA described it as “a colossal pain in the posterior”. Which means that if you use Comodo, your documents are probably as safe as they can be. This has made quite an outstanding reputation for Comodo, and definitely confirmed it self-proclaimed reputation as the “global leader in cyber security soultions”.