IT News – Do We Have Any Privacy?  

Computer security is a hot topic right now, especially after the leak of Wikileaks documents. But, the question which has got everyone in the world puzzled is whether we have any privacy whatsoever, or are we all just unaware of participating in a Big Brother or The Truman Show?

It Is True – We Have No Privacy

No matter how bad it may sound, it is true. Our privacy is not guaranteed and it does not extend beyond our own heads. This especially applies to the things you do online. When we are online we are deprived of our privacy in our research and our communication.

Information Privacy on computer keyboard background

However, some people even willingly accept to share all the personal information about themselves without any thinking what it may do to their privacy.

Society Which Is Deprived Of Privacy

It is absolutely true that life nowadays is totally deprived of privacy and we live in a society where this is completely normal. This of course applies to the societies where using Internet is usual, but unless you live in Tibet, you are probably aware of that as well. In case that you want to reserve your privacy to yourself you should not be posting status and pictures, however the majority of us do it.

Computer Security Just Another Illusion

The program which will guarantee your safety and anonymity online is just one of many elaborate illusions.

Whatever you do online, search for or post, remains out there in the world of information. This may or may not represent the appropriate picture of yourself, but only you can be the judge of that.

The Phenomenon Of Documenting Your Own Life

What is even more worrying is the dedication with which people approach this digital documentation of their lives. As if their ordinary lives were something worth documenting and sharing with the rest of the world. Some people have even gone so far to develop addiction from posting selfies for example.


But what is even more shocking is that they do this willingly and have no idea that they are attacking their own privacy this way. Some people go to the lengths of making after-sex selfies which have also been a lot popular at one point, but where will the society draw the line? And when will we learn that privacy is a valuable commodity which we should jealously keep to ourselves? It still remains to be seen.