Take It From Edward Snowden, There Is A Way To Become Safer Online

Since we have had those information leaks, and ever since we are bombarded with news about cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists, hackers – people have been more than ever afraid for their safety in the IT world and online. The truth is, the Internet is a vast place where there is a ton of information, and the majority of those information is put there by you personally.

Edward Snowden Gives First Interview In Russia

Still, all of this information can be used against you and if you would like to learn how to be safer online, here are some tips from the one guy who actually knows what he is talking about – Edward Snowden.

A Tweet To The Wise

Edward Snowden recently released a tweet in which he stated that those who are concerned about their security should use QubesOS, since it is the best OS available. Also, he added, QubesOS is for free and it offers amazing VM isolation.

This of course is a valuable word of advice, especially since it comes from Edward Snowden himself. But, how can Qubes help you?

What Is Qubes?

So, as it has been already mentioned Qubes is an OS, but it is also free and what is also important to mention is that Qubes has a firewall which is in-built. This actually is a way to make it more difficult for hackers to get inside your computer. Another thing which Qubes has to offer is the compartmentalization which actually makes sure that malware cannot get to your information. The way Qubes does that is to section off areas of content and make it separate from other areas.


So, a compartment might contain just documents, or just images. All of this makes it a lot more difficult on a hacker to get your information. Another thing which is a great asset of Qubes is that if offers a full disc encryption, which will allow you to make your disc safer. In addition to all that, it is also recommendable that your use Tor browser via Whonix which will make your online activity remain anonymous. Hopefully, this is enough to convince you to give it a go with the amazing Qubes OS!